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Press Killed in Gaza

There are 150 in this list of names of journalists known to have been killed in Gaza since October 7, 2023.


The dataset is available as a single JSON array with an object for each journalist killed in Gaza. You can also download in CSV format below.

press_killed_in_gaza.json press_killed_in_gaza.csv




Each record will have the following fields:

nameoriginal arabic name from the source list
name_enenglish name translation
notesincludes agency they worked for & available detail on how they were killed


The file is updated when a new list is released by Gaza's Government Media Office or when we receive incremental updates about new individual incidents. We source these from the Ministry's Telegram Channel.

The ministry has previously released photos of some of those killed, which you can retrieve in Arabic and English from their public Google Drive. As of writing, it includes photos for just over half of the list.