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Killed in Gaza

Last updated on June 25th, 2024 (see source info below).

There are 24,672 in this list of names of those known to have been killed in Gaza since October 7, 2023. Of these, 524 were senior ladies, 760 were senior men, 5,204 were women, 10,424 were men, 3,330 were girls and 4,005 were boys. 425 had no birthdate from which to calculate age.
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The dataset is available as a single JSON array with an object for each person killed in Gaza. You can also download in CSV format below.

killed-in-gaza.json killed-in-gaza.csv




Each record will have the following fields:

nameoriginal arabic name from the source list
en_nameenglish name translation
(? indicates part of the name was "unknown" in the arabic source)
idunique string (do not depend on format, it may change)
dobdate of birth: string in YYYY-MM-DD format, or empty string if not available
sexstring of one of m for male or f for female
ageage as a number or -1 if unavailable
sourcestring indicating the source of the record (either h for "Ministry of Health", c for "Public Submission", or u for "Unknown")

English Name Translation

For a discussion of our translation methodology, see our February update.

Child Name Counts

For counts of the top 10 translated first names by age group (man, woman, boy, and girl), you can reference this JSON API:

This dataset is used to derive estimates of children killed for our home page name cards as documented on our Summary dataset page.


The file is updated when a new list is released by Gaza's Ministry of Health.

This list incorporates three releases from the Ministry of Health:

  • The first was as of January 5th for hospitals reporting in the South and November 2nd for the North. Additionally, 21 records were included from an earlier release as noted in our Feburary update.
  • The second was as of March 29th, 2024 and it included submissions from the public to the Ministry (ie: families of those killed). We detailed the changes in our April 13th update.
  • The third was as of April 30th, 2024 and released on May 5th from the Ministry. We detailed the changes in our June 26th update.

It's worth noting that the second and third lists likely overweight men relative to the aggregate dataset we track in Daily Casualties - Gaza due to the inclusion of community-reported names. This community sourcing means that the list has started to account for those lost or missing (for which remains were never received by health authorities or hospitals). Both our daily casualties dataset and the initial January version of this list were based on official health ministry records which relied on those that made it to a hospital or reporting center.

Additional details about the list provided by the ministry in January:

  1. The missing persons and the bodies of those trapped under the rubble were not counted.
  2. The unidentified people who arrived at hospitals were not counted.
  3. The unidentified persons whose bodies were handed over by the occupation were not counted.
  4. Those who were buried by their families without passing through hospitals were not counted.
  5. The victims in Gaza and North Gaza were not counted after the date of stopping the information system in November.

Prior Versions

  • January list CSV captured prior to the April update: Download