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Infrastructure Damaged

This dataset provides daily values for the damaged infrastructure resulting from Israel's assault on Gaza since October 7th, 2023.


The dataset is available as a single JSON array with an object for each report date.




The file is updated in the morning (eastern time).

Report Fields

Each daily report in this JSON array will have the following fields.

(optional fields will be omitted from the JSON if there is no value reported)

field namevalueoptional
report_datedate in YYYY-MM-DDno
civic_buildings.destroyedcumulative number of government buildings destroyed to the report dateyes
civic_buildings.ext_destroyedsame as civic_buildings.destroyed but extrapolated (see below)no
educational_buildings.destroyedcumulative number of educational buildings (schools, universities, etc) destroyed to the report dateyes
educational_buildings.ext_destroyedsame as educational_buildings.destroyed but extrapolated (see below)no
educational_buildings.damagedcumulative number of educational buildings partially damaged to the report dateyes
educational_buildings.ext_damagedsame as educational_buildings.damaged but extrapolated (see below)no
places_of_worship.mosques_destroyed*cumulative number of mosques destroyed to the report dateyes
places_of_worship.ext_mosques_destroyedsame as places_of_worship.mosques_destroyed but extrapolated (see below)no
places_of_worship.mosques_damaged*cumulative number of mosques partially damaged to the report dateyes
places_of_worship.ext_mosques_damagedsame as places_of_worship.mosques_damaged but extrapolated (see below)no
places_of_worship.churches_destroyedcumulative number of churches destroyed to the report date (christian or other denomination)yes
places_of_worship.ext_churches_destroyedsame as places_of_worship.churches_destroyed but extrapolated (see below)no
residential.destroyedcumulative number of residential units destroyed to the report dateyes
residential.ext_destroyedsame as residential.destroyed but extrapolated (see below)no

* Note that the distribution of destroyed vs. damaged mosques shifted considerably in May. In their May 18th report, the number of mosques classified as destroyed sharply increased, while the number classified as damaged decreased. It's unclear whether this is due to reporting difficulties, delays, or a change in classification approach.

Data Sources

For infrastructure damage data, we depend on Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza . Reports are provided roughly once every week (as of 2024) and it's unclear how frequently government officials are updating these numbers between reports. For that reason they should be treated as estimates, especially given the magnitude and the difficulty for non-combatants to enter certain regions in Gaza where Israeli forces are present.

Extrapolated (ext_ fields)

Since official numbers weren't always available, and it can be useful to have a timeseries where all dates have values, we're providing the same official fields in extrapolated form. For more recent numbers in 2024, these fields will display the latest known value for the last received report date. For earlier reports that were less consistent, we derived incrementing daily values using the difference between two known reporting periods in order to be consistent with how we've provided these ext_ values in our other daily datasets.