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Daily Casualties - West Bank

This dataset provides daily values for those killed and injured in the West Bank since October 7th, 2023.

There are currently 233 days of reports from 2023-10-07 to 2024-05-26 and we update the list daily as new reports are released.


The dataset is available as a single JSON array with an object for each report date. You can also download in CSV format below.

west_bank_daily.json west_bank_daily.csv



The file is updated in the morning (eastern time).

Report Fields

Each daily report in this JSON array will have the following fields for the West Bank. See source information below for difference between verified and root-level fields.

(optional fields will be omitted from the JSON if there is no value reported)

field namevalueoptional
report_datedate in YYYY-MM-DDno
verified.killedkilled persons on the given report dateyes
verified.killed_cumcumulative number of confirmed killed persons to the report dateyes
verified.injuredinjured persons on the given report dateyes
verified.injured_cumcumulative number of injured persons to the report dateyes
verified.killed_childrennumber of children killed on the given report dateyes
verified.killed_children_cumcumulative number of children killed to the report dateyes
verified.injured_childrennumber of children killed on the given report dateyes
verified.injured_children_cumcumulative number of children injured to the report dateyes
killed_cumsame as verified.killed_cum but yet to be independently verified (see below)no
killed_children_cumsame as verified.killed_children_cum but yet to be independently verified (see below)no
injured_cumsame as verified.injured_cum but yet to be independently verified (see below)no
injured_children_cumsame as verified.injured_children_cum but yet to be independently verified (see below)no
settler_attacks_cumcumulative number of attacks by settlers on civilians to the report dateno
flash_sourceeither un or fill, see March 25 update for more detailno

Daily Sources

For West Bank data, we depend on UN OCHA.

There are two types source material they provide that we use to build the time series:

  • verified - These are the ones independently verified by UN OCHA personnel and provided via their casualty database.
  • flash-updates - These are incidents reported to the UN, but not yet verified and they are the source of those root level values in the above report object.

Verified values will lag the ones that come from Flash Updates, so the field will be missing (optional) on more recent report dates, but generally continuous going back through older report dates once populated values are encountered.

Flash Updates occasionally miss days and as of March 25 are only available for the West Bank on a weekly basis.